Med. Doctor, Samira (31), Female

Physician in Chronic Pain and Fatigue in Tepic, Mexico Diagnosis: I have had Skin Conditions for many years in the shape of round coin sized spots on both my legs. These spots get bigger with time and they do not disappear with any medicine. This dermatological...

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Miguel (49)

Puerto Vallarta man told he would not walk again. Diagnosis: Avascular necrosis (Necrosis Avascular). Femoral head prosthesis was put in, which later had to be removed due to an infection. Now, the diagnosis says: "Unstable, Disintegrated hip with a 4 cm difference...

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Mark (30), Crushed wrist

TT High Performance Professional Motorcycle Racer Multiple Fractures in crushed wrist .. had been told it was a career ending injury "My X-rays showed my wrist to be like a box of crushed cornflakes. Following 3 amazing sessions with Hugh, I have recovered my strength...

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Helen (30), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

10 years of wrists, arms and shoulder pain. Diagnosed as Repetitive Strain Injury ,and, more recently Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. ( Waited 2 and a half years on the waiting list for tests to confirm CTS) . Spent years on medication .. Diclofenac and Cocodamol. .. Now 3...

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Chronic Headaches

From one of my Approved KCR Practitioners, Naomi Watford: "8 year old boy, suffering from chronic headaches for years,(and a variety of minor aches and pains from kickboxing) History of forceps birth. One session of KCR... headaches completely gone as were all of his...

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Multiple pains resolved

From a KCR Practitioner in Scotland: " I had a lady in to see me this morning for KCR complaining of 1. painful knees, 2. Chronic TMJ (jaw) pain. 3. Chronic shoulder pain and 4. Endometriosis. She left here, pain free, in tears of joy and relief she came out crying...

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Chronic Pain in Back , Elbows and Knees helped by KCR

25 YEARS OF BACK PAIN; 14 YEARS OF PAIN IN BOTH ELBOWS; SEVERAL YEARS OF PAIN IN BOTH KNEES ... GONE IN JUST TWO SESSIONS OF KCR. From Amy Johnstone, approved KCR Practitioner in Falkirk, Scotland "54 year old male; Occupation. Tile Layer : ... Complaining of : 1....

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Neuropathy helped by KCR

"I was born with an Inherited Neuropathy called Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). The nerves in my hands and feet are unable to tell the muscles what to do. I've experienced extreme wasting the muscles of my lower legs and my hands were showing signs of weakness too. I would...

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Joanne (51), Frozen Shoulder and Repetitive wrists strain.

Complaining of Frozen Shoulder and Repetitive Wrist Strain for over 18 months. Had 3 month wait to get into physiotherapy ... then 6 months of physiotherapy for her shoulder .. minimal improvement. Also was given elastic bandages for her wrist strain. all treatments...

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