Leslie, Occupational Therapist, female

Occupational Therapist complaining of Chronic Dizzyness, Scoliosis, Chronic Back Pain .... Calgary Canada. Diagnosis: Chronic Dizzyness, Scoliosis, chronic back / sacral pain, old fracture of the tailbone from a fall from her horse, Adam many years ago. On examination...

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Play Golf? … and in pain too?, from Philadelphia, USA

From KCR Therapist Kathy in Philadelphia: "Just got a phone call from husband after playing in a golf tournament today... I gave him a KCR treatment last night to loosen up his hips, shoulders and particularly his left wrist. His wrist was badly damaged in 1983 in a...

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From Corporate Exec. Jennie in Eastern USA " Loving the Exposure KCR is getting - I was treating one of the Corporate VP's from my company last night ( I now have 3 of them all on a 3 week schedule). This particular one has high levels of stress which tend to bring on...

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Chronic Whiplash Pain and disability, Portland, Maine

"9 years of limited mobility in my neck and experiencing SEVERE headaches/migraines due to a car accident. Now I feel total pain relief! My KCR Practitioner explained what the trauma of the accident did to my body and what he could and did do to eliminate this pain. I...

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Texas Police Officer facing surgery for Plantar Fasciitis

"A Dallas Texas Police Officer has been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis. Had been attending a Chiropractor and massage for treatment. Temporary progress at best, then pain returns. He was beginning to resign himself that surgery is in his future. Did one session of...

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Injured University Athlete

Injured University Athlete with chronically painful knee in Texas and another patient showing up on the same day complaining of Severe Pain Scoliosis from Florida USA This just in from Lori in Texas:" Whew! What a day! I had three referrals today for just KCR for...

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Oscar, Post High Grade Fever Paralysis in Colima, Mexico

Diagnosis : High Fever followed by total paralysis from the waist down. Was brought in in a wheelchair and then carried upstairs by 2 men to see me. He did not have a clear diagnosis. He had undergone multiple medical and pathological tests, but no specific cause had...

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