Full Collection Of Signed Hugh Gilbert Books

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A fantastic collection of 3 signed books by Hugh Gilbert.

Signed copy & free shipping to the UK (additional charge for international shipping)

1 x Free The Unicorn - Signed Copy

Free The Unicorn brings together the experiences of Hugh Gilbert in parable style - take your own spiritual journey as you turn the pages and release the magic and mystery within YOU. Signed copy & free shipping


1 x The Early-Aging Workforce - Signed Copy

A survival kit for hidden dangers in your wellbeing.  Know it.  Fight it.  Prevent it. Signed copy & free shipping!


1 x Hope For Alzheimer's - Signed Copy

This is a story of miracles and celebration, not just for my father and his family, but potentially for millions of other Alzheimer's sufferers and their families. Signed copy & free shipping!




Hugh is a globally recognized leader in the field of physical rehabilitation. His groundbreaking and stunningly successful protocols Kinetic Chain Release (KCR), Postural Energetics (P.E.) and Connective Tissue Release (CTR) are now being practiced in USA, Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, Mexico, Sweden, Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia, India, Phillipines, Spain, Hawaii, and Argentina (for further info go to He avoids the much offered title of healer as he feels that adds an unnecessary air of mystery and exclusivity which is egotistic and unnecessary, as the real truth is that everyone is capable of achieving what he has done and much more, if they would only believe in that truth. He therefore provides practical reasons and methodologies showing us all that this is indeed true.

Collection includes:

Free The Unicorn

The Early-Aging Workforce

Hope For Alzheimer’s

Signed copy & free shipping to the UK (additional charge for international shipping)


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