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Play Golf? … and in pain too?, from Philadelphia, USA

By July 12, 2018January 28th, 2019No Comments

From KCR Therapist Kathy in Philadelphia:

“Just got a phone call from husband after playing in a golf tournament today… I gave him a KCR treatment last night to loosen up his hips, shoulders and particularly his left wrist. His wrist was badly damaged in 1983 in a car accident, and he has struggled for years with arthritic changes and restriction of motion. And it always hurt after golfing. His average score is in the mid eighties.

Well today, in the pouring rain by the way, he OUT DROVE everyone, was MUCH more accurate with his shots, and POSTED A SCORE OF 77! And his group is in second with another day of play tomorrow.. And best of all NO pain!! He totally attributes this all to the KCR! Thanks Hugh!!”

…. That’s SEVEN STROKES OFF HIS AVERAGE SCORE and FEELING NO PAIN … and all in lousy weather conditions!

“P.S. The Club Golf Pro has just called to book a KCR session with me!”