Kevin Buchan
Kevin (Joann’s husband) brings a history of high level sports participation and achievement, particularly in Rugby and Swimming, and has a strong background in working with Youth also.

Like Joann, Kevin has taken all courses, is FOTO registered, and has applied over 250 hours of training to enable him to also become a certified instructor in KCR, awaiting the R.E.P.S. certification only now. Kevin also has a successful KCR Practice at “The Barn”, (see above) as well as strong involvement with Local rugby. Kev is a firm believer in “grounding” and has had up to 200 kids a week getting onto the grass in their bare feet and is beginning to study the Maori “Haka” to help teach the kids to ground themselves and connect to the land. Kev and Jo bring a depth of experience to KCR and its future.