Level 3: Visions of the Past, Memories of the Future
Thanks to Levels One and Two, you now have a working knowledge of KCR and an understanding of the fundamentals of Connective Tissue; Heart Field and an understanding of how Eckhart Tolle’s Pain body actually co-relates to the physicality of the connective tissue and thymus, which helps you to understand what is going on in your own body and those others in your world.

In Level Three you will learn how to easily further deepen and develop these personal physical and energetic skills and will have the tools to continue this ongoing awareness in all you do. You will take your Postural Energetic training to much deeper levels and resolve not only more of your physical issues but will greatly improve your awareness socially and at work and in sports, resulting in marked changes in a positive sense in a short period of time. In other words as you remember and resolve forgotten injuries in your past, you will create a whole new future!