Level 2: “The Body Remembers and the Heart Already Knows”
Once you have successfully completed Level One – “Kinetic Chain Release, The Return to Balance” you are invited to join us for Level Two – “The Body Remembers and The Heart Already Knows”. During this 3 day course we will briefly review the foundation level of Kinetic Chain Release and make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of it. Then we can get down to the business of Level 2.

Hugh feels strongly that “It is imperative that everyone should be educated in, and actually come to recognise,the basic principles of, and the amazing experience of, the form and function of your own connective tissue system.” He believes passionately that it is your RIGHT to be further educated on how to access this tissue within yourself and how to reboot many of your own contracted or “frozen” area within you, often resolving long held physical issues, without assistance from others!

This does NOT require a deep understanding of anatomy or physiology. It is a natural and spontaneous stretching of the body that we have simply forgotten and will remember over the 3 day program. Therefore we will only touch briefly on the anatomy and physiology of connective tissue before moving into the awakening of the physical awareness of connective tissue within each of you individually and collectively.

You will then learn about the Basic Principles of Heart Intelligence and the Science and Application behind it. Therefore,as you will be brought to an awareness of your connective tissue, you will also become aware of the untapped energy of your Heart! During Level 2 you will learn to begin to identify YOUR Heart Intelligence and you will actually experience some practical skills and enjoyable exercises which will hopefully amaze you.

Upon completion of Level 2 you will

1. Have increased awareness and confidence in application of KCR

2. Have an experiential fundamental understanding of the Basic Principles of Connective Tissue.

3. Be able to easily and gently access and stretch your own Connective Tissue effortlessly and consistently.

4. Have an understanding of your Heart Energy Field also known as Heart Intelligence.

5. Understand how to direct that energy using practical, scientifically proven techniques and protocols.

6. Have the confidence that with the knowledge of the combined tools of KCR, Connective Tissue and Heart Energy now a part of whom you are, you are well prepared to go through life realising and enjoying your maximum potential on every level.

Everyone that takes this course, whether a therapist, or not will receive great benefits from the experience in not only your own life and health, but also for those you are in contact with, as you apply the skills that you have learned.