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Connective Tissue Rebooting . . . The Hugh Gilbert Approach to treatment

~ Pre requisites are KCR Levels One and Two ~

Having gained an understanding of the fundamental concepts of the form and function of Connective tissue (Myofascia) and an understanding of how to initiate release of some basic restrictions in KCR Levels one and two, you are now ready for further instruction in this field.

My approach to releasing the connective tissue is a combination of techniques. I have found that the connective tissue aka Myofascial Release, releases much quicker AND MOST TIMES WITH MUCH LESS EMOTIONAL CRISIS when the protocol of KCR is applied first.

We have growing evidence of this, not just from my own caseload but from other therapists who have extensive training in Myofascial Release. Therefore, I believe that KCR should be a pre requisite in all such treatments. Secondly, I have discovered that KCR can be enhanced by two specific joint mobilisations which I have recently developed. Once these mobilizations are added it enhances the easier release of connective tissue restrictions in these areas.

Next, I further find that when Postural Energetics is incorporated into the treatment plan that the patient is able to facilitate more self releases in a weight bearing position. This can be helped by your fine tuning their posture. Thirdly, the importance of the therapist being grounded throughout the treatment and creating an appropriate energetic also assists in allowing the client’s energy and connective tissue restrictions to release much more gently than in some other methodologies. Lastly of course the prime and final component now becomes Myofascial Release itself.

You will have a basic grasp of the simpler applications after this workshop. (However,I firmly recommend that all of you who wish to continue this work after this workshop do so to learn many more techniques and applications. My personal recommendation would be the founder of this work John F.Barnes who has now trained over 100,000 therapists).

I believe that by applying my approach to this work, CTR you will see consistent enhanced results in all whom you work with.