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Chronic Whiplash Pain and disability, Portland, Maine

By August 7, 2015No Comments

“9 years of limited mobility in my neck and experiencing SEVERE headaches/migraines due to a car accident. Now I feel total pain relief!
My KCR Practitioner explained what the trauma of the accident did to my body and what he could and did do to eliminate this pain. I feel lighter and have recovered FULL mobility of my neck and feel NO PAIN whatsoever. After years of seeing Doctors and Specialists (A neurosurgeon who wanted to use Botox in my neck) and numerous cortisone shots.
KCR treatment is the only thing that has offered me relief from the constant pain. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone. It is amazing to feel free of pain and no longer live feeling limited in what I can do to avoid pain. Thank you!”

(had spent over $28,000 in attempts to find relief prior to visiting KCR)

Holly Stack
Vice President Superior Enterprises